Publishing series “KYIVAN CHRISTIANITY”

The publishing series Kyivan Christianity, launched in 2013, represent scholarly results of the education and research program of the Humanities Department and the Department of Philosophy and Theology at the Ukrainian Catholic University Kyivan Christianity. This academic initiative is supposed to strengthen the prophetic voice of the Kyivan Church and foster the unity of Ukrainian churches of Volodymyr’s Christening. As of 2015, a public segment of the program – the project United Ukraine and the Kyivan Tradition – has been activated. It gives way for a public articulation of the idea of Kyivan Church and underlines the millennium-long connection between the Ukrainian culture and Christianity. The academic objective of the program lies in critical study of theological, canonical, social and cultural sources of the Kyivan Metropoly tradition in the wider comparative context of the universal Christian Byzantine traditions, traditions of the Latin West and Eastern Orthodox communities, as well as the reception of the uniate idea in the Slavic lands. The main attention within this program is paid to an inter-disciplinary study of the Kyivan tradition formed on the civilization borderline between East and West. Its essence is formed by Slavonic Byzantine rite (namely the eastern Liturgy), original theological thought and local church canon law, unified canonical territory, specific spirituality, shared social, cultural and religious practices, codified Church Slavonic language and well-established memory of the past. Altogether these were the forming elements of the cultural continuity of that time, and in the times of Modernity they paved way for the formation of national identities and the emergence of new ecclesiastic communities in Eastern and Central Eastern Europe.

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Supported by Kyivan Christianity Research Program

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