(Українська) Юрій Волошин. Парафіяльна спільнота. Пирятинська протопопія другої половини XVIII ст. (соціально-історичний та історико-демографічний виміри). Львів: Український католицький університет 2023. – 420 с. (Серія «Київське християнство», т. 30).

Юрій Волошин

The protopopiya united 65 parishes, most of which dated back to the 17th century. All of these churches were made of wood, so they needed to be repaired and rebuilt from time to time. This was usually carried out at the expense of parishioners and settlement owners, who took care of the salvation of their own souls in this way. The city of Pyriatyn, an administrative center of 200 (county division) in Lubny regiments, was chosen as the main city of the protopopiya, obviously not by chance. Firstly, unlike 400 other towns, including Horodyshche, Chornukhy, Kurinky, and Yabluneva, it had a very favorable geographical location, as it was located in the center of the protopopiya, and secondly, it crossed the most important roads in the region, connecting various parts of the territory with other religious and administrative centers outside it.

Yurii Voloshyn. Parish Community. The Pyriatyn Protopopiya in the Second Half of the 18th Century (Social, Historical and Demographic Dimensions). Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University 2023. 420 p. (Kyivan Christianity Series, vol. 30).

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