(Українська) Собори Київської архиєпархії XV−XVIII століть: документи і матеріали / заг. ред. та істор. нарис Ігоря Скочиляса; упоряд. Дарії Сироїд, Ігоря Скочиляса та Ірини Скочиляс. – Львів: Український католицький університет, 2022. – ccxxx + 418 c. – (Серія «Київське християнство», т. 14).

Ігор Скочиляс

The book is dedicated to one of the brightest phenomena of the pre-modern Ruthenian Church – Councils of the Kyivan Metropolitanate Archeparchy. The gatherings of the clergy and laypeople took place in the major administrative centers of the Archeparchy (in Vilnius, Kyiv, Minsk and Novhorodok) and, in terms of territory, embraced the lands of contemporary Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine, as well as Latvia, Poland and Russia. During the 15th–18th centuries, eparchial councils were the basis for the organizing and canonical structuring of the Orthodox and Uniate Churches, as well as a significant public forum for articulating the cultural and religious agenda of the Ruthenian nation within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Crown. The present title encompasses 45 documents in the Latin, Polish, Ruthenian and Church Slavonic languages. This is the first time that their publication is accompanied with translations into modern Ukrainian.

Councils of the Kyivan Archeparchy from the 15th to 18th Centuries: Documents and Proceedings / editing and historical outline by Ihor Skochylias; compilation by Dariya Syroyid, Ihor Skochylias and Iryna Skochylias. – Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2022. – ccxxx + 418 p. – (Kyivan Christianity Series, Vol. 14).
ISBN 978-617-7637-41-6


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