(Українська) Юрій Медведик. Духовна пісня в Україні: витоки, розвиток, жанри. – Львів: Український католицький університет, 2023. 324 с. (Історія української музики, вип. 30; серія «Київське християнство», т. 28).

Юрій Медведик

The monograph by Yurii Medvedyk (1963–2020) is a summary of his many years of source-research and scholarly-analytical studies on Ukrainian spiritual songs from their origins to the latest Basilian song. An important and very fruitful search was to find and study handwritten and printed collections of spiritual songs. This important work continued throughout the entire scholarly life of the professor and led to the creation of a solid body of processed and partially published sources, which not only became an important basis for his analytical studies, but also constitutes an important foundation for modern and future researchers of sacred song, both in Ukraine and in Central and Eastern Europe, and even more widely. The book is a testament of a tireless researcher and influential scholar to his contemporaries and descendants.

Yurii Medvedyk. Spiritual song in Ukraine: origins, development, genres. Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2023. 324 pp. (History of Ukrainian Music, vol. 30; Kyivan Christianity Series, vol. 28)


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